Become a Patron!


Become a Patron!

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If you want to contribute to Fox Den Theatre Company further, consider becoming a patron! We have six different levels of support. 

  1. Ticketless Ticket - $20 - The price of a normal ticket to our show. If you can’t make it out to see us, but would still like to support our show, it’s a great alternative! We appreciate your desire to support us from afar! 

  2. Kit - $50 - This level gets you a ticket to our show, as well as have your name listed in our program under the “Kits” section. Everyone will see how you’re helping to grow the Fox Den Theatre Company!

  3. Tod - $100 - This level gets you a ticket, your name in the program under the “Tod” section, and the option to reserve a seat for yourself at a performance! You are truly a V.I.P. in our eyes!

  4. Vixen - $200 - This level includes the previous bonuses, but with the added gift of a poster signed by the entire cast and crew! All of us here at Fox Den Theatre want to personally thank you! 

  5. Skulk of Foxes - $500 -  This level includes all previous bonuses, but you also receive a Fox Den Season Pass, giving you a ticket to each Fox Den production for the season! Come see all of our Productions for the year! You are our special guest. 

  6. A Whole Den - $1000 - Goodness! You must truly love us here at Fox Den Theatre Company. For this extremely generous gift, you get all previous bonuses, and a very special, physical Deluxe Season Pass! With this, can come to any production, any number of times, for the whole season. Come to every performance, you are our guest of honor!