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Our Mission


Fox Den Theatre Company is a local Austin theatre group, dedicated to creating and fostering a collaborative, safe, and open environment for artists to create new and thoughtful works of art. By giving local artists an avenue to express their artistic voice, we hope to create art that reflects the communities we live in and serve.

Fox Den is an open creative environment in which every artist’s opinion is given value and respected. We firmly stick behind the old saying, “theatre is a collaborative art,” and believe in giving everyone in the production a stake in the artistic decisions.

Safety, of not only our performers, but also our audiences, is highly important to Fox Den. We strive to make our productions an environment in which everyone feels emotionally and physically safe, and to provide content warnings for shows that deal in sensitive topics. If you ever have a question regarding any performance, please feel free to email us at foxdentheatrecompany@gmail.com.

We at Fox Den strive to be inclusive and open to every person, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, creed, or any other category that makes you the unique and beautiful individual you are.

The Myth, The Man, The Legend

The Founder / Owner / Dreamer / Goof

Christopher Robyn Anderson founded Fox Den Theatre Company in 2018 with the goal of creating purposeful, impactful art with the immensely talented artists in Austin’s theatre scene. A transplant from California, by way of Virginia, Christopher has found a home in Austin, a city with art in its heart. Christopher has filled nearly every position in a theatre at some point, from Costuming to Acting, but his wheelhouse is Directing and Playwriting. He holds a degree from Christopher Newport University in Directing and Dramatic Literature.